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Welcome to the new and improved McGowen Precision Barrels website!

The new website will have features that will enable the customer to navigate easier and will be easier to determine pricing for your particular need, whether it be a blank, contoured blank, pre-fit barrel or complete rebarreling service.

McGowen Precision Barrels is dedicated to providing the highest quality products at a price that is affordable. The quality of our products is second to none. You'll ask yourself "that price is very reasonable, how can they do it?" This is very simple, we are not selling you a bunch of advertising. Our products and services sell themselves. This is why McGowen Precision Barrels is the fastest growing name in the custom barrel industry. The competative shooters are taking notice of our barrels, especially now that they are consistently being beaten in matches by a barrel that was delivered in half the time for a lot less money.

All of our barrels are truly custom. This is not just a catch phrase with us. We manufacture every barrel specifically for your needs. You'll notice that we offer a variety of different contours, not only our own, but those of other companies at the same low rate. And every barrel is hand-lapped for perfection. What this means for you is that the break-in process for the barrel is almost non-existent. Our barrels simply do not foul.

We also supply barrels to some of the best known custom gunsmiths and OEM manufacturers in the industry. If you are a custom gun builder or manufacturer you should be using McGowen barrels on your rifles.

Check out the menu on the left, we offer a variety of chrome moly and stainless steel barrels in unturned blanks, contoured blanks, octagon and fluted barrels as well as Savage and Remington Pre-Fit barrels and complete gunsmithing. If you are looking for something that is not listed, click on our contact page and either call or send us an email and we'll try to help in any way that we can.



Thanks again for visiting McGowen Precision Barrels and Happy Shooting!


On hand inventory can be seen in the appropriate webpage. If you are looking for a Savage pre-fit, go to barrels in the menu above and then Savage Pre-Fits on the drop down menu. If you are looking for a blank, check out the page for the appropriate material, such as Chrome Moly Barrels. Inventory will be listed under the appropriate caliber.

New as of 9/24/13. Mouse-over the menu on the left "Barrels" the drop-down menu will come up. At the bottom of the drop-down menu you'll see "On Hand Inventory". This is a list of unturned blanks currently in stock.

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